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Winter Hair Top 10

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Be the best you can be this season with our top 10 tips for fabulous looking hair!

After what seemed like an eternal summer, the winter chill has finally set in!

While the cooler weather means that the onesies and uggies come out, layering up in winter fashion and indulging in delicious winter menus, it can also mean dry, lifeless hair for many of us.

Super stylist and head colorist Monica talks you through our top 10 tips for looking after your hair this winter so it always looks healthy and shiny.


1. LOOK AFTER YOUR HAIR FROM THE ROOTS: Cold weather dries out your skin, which also means that your scalp is prone to dryness and flaking. Kerastase have just launched the world’s first breakthrough anti-aging product for your hair -just in time for winter. Kerastase Initialiste serum is scientifically formulated to protect the stem cells in your hair follicle and the environment around them and results are visible within just 7 days!

2. DEEP NOURISHMENT: The winter chill not only dries out your skin but it can also dry out your hair. We recommend a deeply nourishing regime including shampoo, conditioner and masque such as Kerastase Nutri Thermique collection which will leave your hair soft, full of moisture and shiny throughout the season.

3. HEAT PROTECTION: We tend to use our hairdryers and styling irons a lot more in the cooler months, so its an absolute must to protect your tresses from their damaging effects. Kerastase Nectar Thermique acts as two products in one by nourishing and protecting your hair from heat – simply work it through damp hair before styling.

4. SHINE ON: Tame your tresses, add shine and give your hair that extra bit of nourishment in between shampoos with a highly concentrated oil such as Elixir Ultime. The oil is available in 4 different scents and suitable for every hair type.

5. GO LIGHTER AND BRIGHTER: Many of us tend to go darker in winter but we think that lightening up your locks is the best way to feel bright and lift your mood on those dull rainy days. Many of our wardrobes feature darker tones so lightening your hair adds a perfect contrast.
Winter winds and the cold create a dryness to your hair and skin, so if you are going lighter be sure not to go for anything too dramatic – hair that’s over processed and damaged looks lifeless and dull and will also tend to be unmanageable.

6. WARMING UP: If you’re brunette, add some shine and richness to your hair this season by going for a warmer shade. It will instantly bring colour to your skin tone that you’re not getting naturally from the summer sunshine. Your colourist will be able to recommend the best colour to suite your skin tone.

7. GET CREATIVE: if you have fine, vulnerable hair will probably loathe winter as the chilly wind can make your hair look disheveled, stringy and often oily. Have a play around with wearing your hair up in top knots, braids and buns. Not not only will your ‘do look great worn with a scarf around your neck, but you’ll also be protecting your hair by having it swept up.

8. SPEND MORE TIME TREATING YOURSELF: Treatments and rituals are fantastic to treat yourself and your hair with over winter. Not only will you enjoy some luxurious time out to yourself, but you will slowly begin to regenerate and nourish your hair after the damaging affects the summer months may have had on your hair. A highly concentrated in-salon ritual will also revitalize your hair and add nourishment beyond what you can give your hair at home.The luxurious Shu Uemera brand has just been introduced in our Garden City Salon and will be rolled out across Maurice Meade salons this season – their indulgent treatments are an absolute must!

9. SLEEK PONYTAILS: Ponytails look great whatever season but they are also the perfect easy-to-manage- hairstyle for winter. You wont need to worry about frizz or damage during wind and rainy weather either. Use a gel to give a shiny, sleek look and you’re set!

10. SECRET WEAPON: A good shine spray is a must in every woman’s bathroom and will come in extra handy during the cooler months. We recommend Kerastase Chroma Lactee which creates a beautiful shine to the hair – it’s light but will give a good hold to any style.

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