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Winter Hair & Makeup Bootcamp

February 2018January 2018

Winter can be a rough time for our hair and skin, with the cold air, lack of sunshine, blustery winds and artificial indoor heat, we tend to end up looking and feeling dry.  Hair becomes brittle and unruly and dry skin makes make-up application tricky… lucky we have a few tricks up our sleave to beat the winter blues. With a few adjustments to your hair and makeup routine, you’ll hardly miss summer at all!

Winter Haircare

Don’t over-wash your hair
Your hair is bound to be dryer than usual in winter due to the extreme temperature variations. Walking out of your warm cosy house into the cold harsh air will dry your hair out rapidly. So the more natural oils you allow to rejuvenate your hair, the better, although we don’t want to look oily. Shampoo your hair 2-3 times a week, and use dry shampoo in between. We recommend Fresh Hair by Kevin Murphy available at our Me by Maurice Meade salon.

If you feel that winter is starting to take it’s toll, switch to a hydrating shampoo we recommend Moisture Velvet by Shu Uemura, Bain Nutri Thermique by Kèrastase or Bain Satin by Kèrastase. You can also do a weekly nourishing masque Hydrate me by Kevin Murphy is incredibly hydrating, or ask for a basin treatment in the salon.

Heat styling tools are going to dry your hair further, so you need to make sure you’re using protective products. Refer to our Heat Protection 101 blog for our top recommendations for protecting your locks.

Scalp Care
Scalp care is so important; your hair receives all its vital nutrients from the blood in your scalp, and dead skin and sweat can block the pores and affect hair growth.  A dry scalp can also make your hair look dull and dry, so keeping it cleansed and moisturised is important for healthy looking hair. We recommend Initialiste by Kèrastase, a nourishing scalp treatment that is like a multivitamin for your hair. Make sure you’re massaging your scalp as well – try the Shu Uemura Paddle Brush to help stimulate blood flow and boost growth.

Winter Hairstyles

Winter Hairstyles

Ballerina Bun
This is a great winter style, because even if the wind gets to it, it still looks good! You can slick it back neatly, so it stays in place, or make it loose and effortless, so any wind will just add to your look.

Sweeping side fringe
It’s pretty impossible to keep your hair perfectly parted on a gusty day, so why not go with it and part your fringe to the side. This style is trending on the runways at the moment, what’s better than convenient and stylish hair.

Undone updo
This look is so easy to achieve, there are very few rules so you can take it where you want. It’s about femininity and framing the face with loose strands, wear it high or low, with a centre parting or to the side. It all works.

Winter Skin

As your skin is dryer in the winter, you are going to need to adjust a few of the products you use, and maybe some aside until summer. We spoke to Heidi Eves, makeup artist at Maurice Meade Garden City, who gave us some tips.

“We have many beautiful and sunny, cloud free winter days in our Perth Winter. There is always a chill in the air, however don’t let this fool you into not wearing your daily SPF moisturiser. It is actually more important than ever. That chill in the air, and the toasty heat in your workplace, will draw precious moisture from your skin – so daily moisturising with SPF is not a step to shelve during the winter months.  If you want to keep it simple… just use a tinted moisturiser with a 30+ SPF – now you are moisturised, protected, and you have your foundation on!”

Heidi also recommends that you put your powders on the shelf if your skin is suffering from dryness, instead she recommends an oil based foundation if you’re over 40, and a water based foundation for younger skin. If you’re unsure of what foundation you should be using, book an appointment with one of our expert make-up artists who can give you a full consultation.

Winter Lips

During winter we go through tubs of paw paw trying to combat the damage to our lips. Heidi has a few preventative tips for us, to keep our lips soft and kissable all winter.

“OK – the second most popular casualty of the winter chill is… our lips. The winter season can have them looking at their absolute worst. To top it off, with severe dryness they can form deep cracks, which are not only difficult to hide – they really hurt!

Look at giving these luscious beauties a gentle exfoliation with anything from bicarbonate soda mixed in with your cleanser and gently massaged into both lips with your ring finger, or fine grains of sugar mixed with a little honey – yum! This type of technique is designed to very gently (emphasis on very gently) remove dry skin and dead cells to reveal the beautiful new, plump skin underneath.”

If your lips are cracked and dry, you may want to put away you matte lipsticks until you’ve got them under control. Due to their lack of moisture, they will make it worse, use satin or vitamin E enriched colours instead. We recommend a satin lipstick which will provide much needed moisture for your lips.

Nourish from the inside out.

Water water water! We cannot stress this enough. It helps dissolve nutrients and minerals so we can absorb them easily, and it carries the nutrients to your cells, many of which we need for strong hair and healthy skin. Water is your winter saviour, without it your skin and hair will be dry no matter what you do, so drink up!  What you eat is very important; it’s where we get vitamins and minerals to help our body function properly. If you’re healthy on the inside, it will reflect in your outward appearance. Make sure you’re eating a balanced, wholefoods diet to really help you glow.


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