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What Makes You Feel Confident? Meet Ella Ogden

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Model, travel enthusiast and budding television producer and presenter

I’m a 23year old, budding TV producer and presenter who was born and raised in Perth. My mother was a dancer/actress and my father a publican. I studied at WAAPA and have trained at a number of different networks and production companies, both in Perth and over east.

A little bit more about me…

– I’m a self confessed stress head and workaholic
– serious travel enthusiast
– avid tea drinker
– I’d be lost if I couldn’t channel my creativity
– Model since age 15

I am currently based in London, pursuing a television career that has proven to be not only a lot more competitive but also a lot more rewarding. It’s a little different from Perth, however I’m absorbing everything about the big city life. Whilst here, I am also developing and building another creative venture that will see me be more apart of the fashion industry. Although only in its first stages, its development has proven incredibly optimistic.

At the moment, my day to day life involves networking myself into the British entertainment industry, working with a new talent agent to push my on camera presence and developing my new creative project. My days are usually spent running around to castings, auditions and recordings for commercials, modelling jobs and hopeful presenting gigs.

In saying that, I enjoy coming home to a relaxed environment with my boyfriend lavishing in the new English way of life.

What makes me feel happy and confident?

– Great true friendships that are open, honest and fun
– The family dog Olive who is always so happy and playful
– Spending quality time with my mum and family, which is a rarity now
– Sitting down and exploring London with my boyfriend

How does having more confidence change the way I feel?

Having more confidence is essential to my work, without it I have no chance of breaking the British entertainment industry. It builds me up to having a more powerful on camera presence, as well as the ability to deliver, deliberate and create better television ideas and productions. However, the entertainment industry is incredibly cut throat, so having confidence also helps in those times of rejection and fall back (which is a lot!). Without confidence in those times, I’d be a broken and miserable person. Confidence is key to my hopeful successful and healthy working career.

The need to have good hair for my current exploits is beyond essential. Due to being not only on camera but also off, my confidence has to be incredibly high or else my work will suffer. Without confidence in the entertainment industry, there is no chance you will be a success. Having good hair makes me feel confident, and is therefore a necessity.

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