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We Go ‘Pop’ In Our Latest Campaign

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Meet the band behind the seriously catchy tune in our new TV commercial.

Haven’t seen our latest commercial yet? WHY NOT?! We know you’ll adore it as much as we do.

If you have seen it, you’ve no doubt noticed the addictive track we’ve used. And if you’ve heard it a few times, you no doubt have it stuck in your head like we all do here at MM headquarters!

‘The Prettiest Thing’ comes from LA based indie-pop Quartet ‘Oh Darling’ who we discovered while trawling through YouTube a few months ago.

Oh Darling’s buoyant new-wave pop has the power to turn the most forbidding club crowd into a sea of grinning fan geeks. Their reach extends far beyond area venues with many of their songs gracing top-rated TV series, films and commercials. The same track has been used in the Disney Movie ‘Prom’ and in a KIA commercial in the States.

Now, for the first time, Oh Darling’s music will grace the ears of West Australians in our new commercial that’s fun, flirty and all things summer!

We were happy to see our song being used in such a cool commercial! It is so incredible to know that people are listening to us so far from home. It was a hope that ‘Prettiest Thing’ could span such a far reach, but AUS is really as far as it could possibly get for us! We’re so so excited and we all agree that Perth is on top of a list of places that we need to play. Thank you to everyone at Maurice Meade!” said Jasmine Ash, Oh Darling’s lead vocalist.

Download ‘The Prettiest Thing’ here.

Watch our commercial here.


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