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Top 10 Updos for Short Hair

February 2018January 2018

We’re absolutely loving short hair at the moment. It looks fresh and with more frequent haircuts to maintain your style, it’s a great way to ensure you never suffer from split ends. In saying that, we’ve been getting a bit of feedback from our short-haired friends, and it seems some of you are in need of style inspiration. We don’t want you falling into a hair related depression, so we’ve done some digging and found you our top 10 updos for short hair.

01 french braid headband

French braid headband
Once you master the French braid, your life will never be the same. You don’t need a lot of hair in order to pull it off, and it’s such a great style to use when you’re having a bad hair day.

02 headband hair accessory _Short_Hair_09
Headband accessory
This looks so sleek and it’s so simple! It will work with any hair length, fringe or parting. You can go from a sophisticated Blaire Waldorf to a sultry Brigitte Bardot and add some drama into your style.

03 the wonder forest
Bun with a twist
This style will instantly transform you into a medieval princess. It’s easy and elegant, and it will work perfectly for all of you short haired fillies.

04 short-hairstyles-12
Soft curls with a braid
If you have curly hair this style is perfect for you, if you don’t you can still pull it off with straight locks, or you can always whip out your GHD. It’s feminine, relaxed and best of all: simple.

05 50_Best_Updos_for_Short_Hair_02
Flower child
We are seeing a lot of flower detailing at the moment. You can twist them into a braid, wear them as a headband, or sprinkle them through your hair. It’s all good baby.

06 madewell
Messy low pony
For the girl on the go, this is the style for you. It gives of a sexy cool vibe, and it takes 30 seconds, no skill needed for this one ladies.

07 Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 12.16.42 pm
Sleek low chignon
You’ll need your GHD and some excellent smoothing serum for this look. This style is for those days when you mean business, not a hair out of place, pure perfection.

08 keiko lynn
Pinup style headband
How much attitude is this look throwing! 50’s inspired updos are making a comeback and we are all for it. So start rummaging through op shops and the back of your mum’s closet – scarves are the perfect addition to any updo.


09 05489ff428ae17_-_rbk-short-updos-celebfirst-celeblast-jamie-alexander-s2
Middle part pin up
All you need for this style is a few bobby pins, a touch of texturising powder and you’re good to go. Just sleek it back, add some texture through the crown, pin it up, and you’re ready to go.


10 updo-braid-elenita
Messy low bun with a twist
If your hair is already in a state, and you’re just not feeling it, try this style. Even your fly-aways are a welcome addition to the texture of this low maintenance ‘do.



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