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Taking The Short Road

February 2018January 2018September 2017

Going for the big chop is becoming a big trend – longer locks are slowly disappearing from the red carpets, making way for lobs, bobs and pixie cuts.

Going for the chop is more than just a fashion statement however, for many of us it’s a big life change.

As crazy as it may seem, a haircut can change your life. When we colour, cut or style our hair, we’re undergoing a transformation that not only changes how we look on the outside, but it also changes how we feel on the inside. Think back to the last time you walked out of the salon with a new ‘do. Remember that feeling of freshness and confidence that instantly boosted your spirit?

Most recently, we have seen the likes of Jennifer Lawrence and Pamela Anderson completely transform their looks by trading their long waves for cropped pixie cuts. Pamela has since revealed that her motivation behind the drastic change was to part with the image associated with her long blonde mane. She explains: “I just thought my hair had had a life and I kind of wanted to put that behind me and start fresh”. We couldn’t agree more . Pamela’s pixie is the perfect example of how something as simple as your haircut can add an air of sophistication and class to your look.

Another lady that we have seen go from being an awkward teenager to a complete style icon is Emma Watson, which she did purely through her haircut. Her days as frizzy-haired Hermione ended when she went short back in 2010, and she has confessed “I’ve never felt so confident as I did with short hair – I felt really good in my own skin”. When breaking free from her old hair, she shed her child-star image and set herself up as a stylish, independent young woman ready to move forward in her acting career.

Many women fear that feeling of vulnerability that comes with losing their length, but short hair doesn’t have to be severe. When considering the chop, it’s important to work with your hairdresser to tailor the best cut to accentuate your facial features. Your haircut has the ability to emphasise your natural beauty and hide your flaws – without opting for expensive, irreversible and often painful cosmetic procedures. Not only this, but your stylist can work with you to create a look to suit your personality or career, or to reinvent a whole new you. We’re not just hairdressers, we’re style consultants!

The magic of hair is that it can be ever changing. It can be an instant mood booster, it can be a game changer, it can be an extension of you. Short hair is having a moment, and it looks like it’s here to stay. Don’t be afraid ladies: go forth and chop!

“Short hair removes obvious femininity and replaces it with style”

Joan Juliet Buck

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