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School Ball Hair and Make-up Looks to Try in 2015

February 2018January 2018

With school ball season in full swing, we take a look at the best hair and make up trends to try this year.

We all know ‘the dress’ is a focus of school ball prep. But, what really pulls a look together is the style of hair and make-up you choose to complete and compliment your look. Whether you’re after a feminine, romantic style or more of an edgy, modern look, stylist Will and make-up artist Jess take you through this seasons best trends.

School Ball Hair 

The Look: Modern and Sleek
We love:
 The High Ponytail
Classic formal updos have made way for this style in 2015, inspired by celebrities such as Blake Lively and Ariana Grande. This look is perfect for girls with long hair, or you can create more length and volume with hair extensions for the night.  Wrap the hair around the ponytail elastic and finish with some shine spray

The Look: Romantic
We love: halfdos and updos
Braids are everywhere this season and your options are endless, from classic updo’s to feature braids on soft waves, there’s a style to suit any hair length.

The Look: Hollywood Glam

We love: Classic Glamour Waves
This style is still one of the most prominent hair trends on the red carpet and a firm favourite for school formals. You can choose a soft, romantic wave or a more structured finger wave depending on what type of look you want to go for.

The look: Undone Chic

We love: Tousled, Understated Waves 
A more casual take on formal hair, this follows on from what we have been seeing on the runways for the past few seasons. The key is getting that ‘perfectly undone’ look while still looking polished.

The look: Edgy
We love: The Mohawk Braid

If you’re looking for a stand-out, unique style, this season’s Mohawk braid trend is a show stopper.


School Ball Make-up

Fresh and Dewy: The key make-up trend on the runways around the globe this season is fresh faced and natural. Perfect for hot Perth summer nights.

Monochromatic: The monochromatic look is another big trend this year. Achieve the look with just a touch of single colour on your lips and eyelids. We love the predominantly pink hues we’ve seen on celebrities on celebrities and models this season.

Smokey Eye: The smokey eye is a trend that never seems to go out of fashion. Tee up with an edgy hair style for a stand-out style.

High Shine lips: High shine lip glosses have made a come back. This gives a simpler look but glamorous.

Orange hues: Orange was a prominent colour seen on the runways at Fashion Week from orange toned eyeshadows lip glosses and blush. Try coral tones with a shimmery eyeshadow for a fun and summery look.


Prep Tips

Look after your locks: Make sure your hair is healthy and in good condition before your ball. You don’t want split ends or frizzy, dry locks ruining your photos! Book in for a few in-salon treatments in the lead up to your ball, and ask your stylists about haircare tips to look after your locks at home.

Book ahead: make sure you book your hair and make-up appointment ahead of time so you don’t miss out and have to deal with a last-minute rush to find a free appointment.

Get inspired: look for hair-and make up ideas on Pinterest (add link) and bring your pictures, along with a photo of your dress, to your appointment. Your stylist will be  able advise the look that will work best with your hair type and length, and your make-up artist will work with a palette that suits your skin tone and eye colour.


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