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Q&A: Introducing the Calligraphy Cut

February 2018January 2018

The Calligraphy Cut is the latest cutting technique to land in Maurice Meade salons, and it will be a total game changer if you’re craving more volume, texture and body in your hair. We sat down with Maurice Meade Creative Director, Mark Wainstein, who met Calligraphy Cut founder Frank Brormann in 2015 and has been at the forefront of implementing this technique across our salons. Read the Q&A  below for answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive about this new cut!

Calligraphy Cut_Luke


Q: What is the Calligraphy Cut?

A: The Calligraphy Cut is revolutionising the way we cut hair! We use a pen-like razor tool rather than scissors for this cut, which allows us to slice hair in a way that adds more volume and texture. The layers we create using the Calligraphy technique are seamless, so you avoid any harsh lines while still giving your hair a more weightless feel. It also makes daily styling much easier, as your stylist can slice the hair in the direction that it should fall.

Q: You mentioned a razor tool – so what’s the difference between the Calligraphy Cut and a regular razor cut?

A: It’s very different from a regular razor cut because of the precise 21 degree angle that the Calligraphy pen allows us to cut hair on. The tool also has two blades of different thicknesses that can be switched up depending on the client’s hair type. The design of the tool makes it a lot more gentle on your hair than a regular razor cut, too – the angle of the blade means that each individual strand is cut one at a time, rather than as a group. This prevents any damage to your hair and can even encourage growth.

Q: How does it add volume to your hair?

A: The technology within the Calligraphy pen allows us to cut hair on the perfect angle to increase the circumference of the hair shaft; which in simple terms means more volume and body in the hair, with seamless layers and lines. Think of it the same way that a flower is cut at the stem; when it is cut on an angle, the surface area at the tip of the stem is greater. Traditional layering can add texture but remove too much thickness from fine hair – the Calligraphy Cut solves this problem as it adds texture without losing too much hair.

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Q: Will the Calligraphy Cut work for my hair type?

A: The Calligraphy Cut works for a variety of hair types, but is most effective on fine hair. The technique was originally developed for adding texture and movement to long, fine hair that often lacks body. It is also great for removing excess weight from thicker hair, sculpting shorter cuts and can define natural curls (depending on how curly your hair is). It’s always best to chat to your stylist to see if the cut is for you.

Q: Should I have a Calligraphy Cut every time I’m due for a haircut or trim?

A: It depends on your hair type, so consult with your stylist to see what they recommend. Sometimes you may need a whole cut using the Calligraphy pen, sometimes it may be with a combination of the pen and scissors. The beauty of this tool is that it makes haircuts even more customisable.

View our latest Lookbook to see the Calligraphy Cut in action! There is a designated Calligraphy Cut specialist in each Maurice Meade salon. Click here to book now.


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