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Party-perfect hair: the top 3 hairstyles to try this season

February 2018January 2018

Our stylists take you through our favourite style trends for the party season ahead.

Forget boring ponytails and braids, we’re getting creative with hairstyles this season. Maurice Meade stylists Jessie, Charlotte and Yasmin take you though summer’s must-try hair trends.

The Maurice Meade braid – Jessie, Me by Maurice Meade salon
This braided ‘do is all about volume and texture, created using the right products. The looks is achieved on freshly washed hair and applying Kerastase lift Vertige and Spray a Porter to the roots for before blowdrying. For added volume, dry your hair upside down before adding a volume powder like Kerastase VIP Volume In Powder from roots to end for texture before braiding. Side part your hair and braid along the top and down the side of your head and secure with a clear elastic. This style is a little tricky to try on your own at home, but  it doesn’t matter if you don’t get it right – you’ll have fun and perhaps even create a few unique variations along the way!

Upside down mohawk braid – Charlotte, Claremont Quarter salon
An edgy mix between a  braid and a mohawk, this style is a lot of fun – perfect for the party season ahead. You want to give your hair plenty of texture,  Kerastase VIP Volume Powder (as used in the Maurice Meade braid) will help you to achieve it..  This look is a lot easier than it looks – it is essentially a brain onto of a ponytail. Start by separating your fringe area from the rest of your hair – if you place your index fingers at the corner of your eyes pointing upwards, you’ll get a good indication of where the parting should be. Section this fringe part (it should be a triangular shape of hair) and bring the hair forward, away from the rest of your hair. Leave your fringe area – you’ll come back to this later. Gather and secure the remainder of your hair into a low, smooth and tight ponytail. Move back to your fringe area – this is where you’ll start braiding this part of your hair from roots to ends. You’ll end up with a braid on top of a pony tail – simply secure the two together where the pony tail starts using a few bobby pins. Let out the braid at the ends so it runs into the ponytail. Finish off the look with some hairspray and voila – a unique look for your next Christmas party!

The Bobble Pony, Yasmin, Subiaco salon
A very simple, quick style that almost anyone with medium to long hair can create. Tie your hair in a high ponytail and add texture with some Kerastase VIP Volume In Powder.  Use clear hair ties to section the ponytail and gently pull out and rough up the sections to add more texture. To recreate the look pictured, simple wrap a small section of hair around each hair tie before securing the next section.

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