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OLAPLEX: Our new hair hero

February 2018January 2018

Do you love changing up your hair colour but hate the damage it can cause to your hair? Today we talk about Olaplex, and why it’s a colour addict’s best friend.

We see it all the time… clients who want a drastic colour change but hold back because they fear the damage it will cause to their hair. And rightly so; jumping from brunette to blonde can easily destroy the bonds that keep your hair intact, particularly for women who’s hair is already damaged from daily heat styling and environmental aggressors. This is why we often advise against taking your hair straight from, for example, chestnut to platinum – the risk of breakage and brittleness is just too high. All of our lightening colour services will be now using Olaplex to ensure a premium result without damage for healthier hair.

Olaplex works by strengthening and protecting the bonds in your hair, so that it remains soft, flexible, shiny and visibly healthy even after you have had a drastic lightening service. This is a three step process, but fits easily within the time frame of your regular colour service:

Step 1: The Bond Multiplier
This formula is mixed directly into your colour and applied as normal, to enhance colour absorption for a vibrant end result.

Step 2: The Bond Perfector
The Perfector is applied after rinsing your colour, then left on for 10 minutes as you would a basin treatment. This step tightly closes the hair cuticle, which boosts shine and smoothness while reducing frizz.

Step 3: The Hair Perfector
A take-home treatment available for purchase in-salon. This acts as a regular hair bond booster between Olaplex colour services to prolong results, and is applied just as you would a regular at home conditioning treatment.




Olaplaex before and after shots from our Karrinyup David Jones salon. We achieved a lighter, cooler toned blonde and the hair is noticeably smoother and healthier looking. 


This product is a complete gamechanger. Not only are we able to use it on clients who want to lighten their hair, but it’s also a great option for the many women who come to see us for a colour correction after their hair has been damaged at another salon.

Think of Olaplex as insurance for your hair, so you can go lighter than ever before without the damage. For the first time, blondes are silky soft and really shiny without having to add extra product. It has a long lasting result, unlike other treatments which will eventually wash out of your hair in the week following your salon visit.

If you’re considering going lighter, ask about Olaplex at your next appointment!


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