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Meet The Editor Of The Fashion Catalyst, Vicky Sofield.

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Find out what makes Vicky the best she can be.

We chat to the lovely Vicky Sofield, editor of fashion mecca The Fashion Catalyst, about what makes her the best she can be. Here’s what she had to say:

Let’s face it, leading a busy lifestyle can leave some feeling rather lackluster. I have often been asked how I juggle mine – with the management of two websites, a social media business, self managed investment properties, regular renovation and interior design projects, family, friends, charity work, national/international travel and a hectic social calendar; my life really is a methodical yet beautiful balancing act.

I believe in order to survive a busy lifestyle of 120+ hours a week, 52 weeks of the year, it’s vital to have a healthy mindset and then the rest just flows. For me, in order to develop/maintain my healthy mindset, and to feel content on the inside with my purpose and who I am, I simply ensure I take time out for myself.

By enjoying the simple things in my life I am investing in the most important and fundamental purpose in my life; me! The Top 5 things that make me the best I can be are:

1. Regular exercise
2. Meditation
3. Beauty maintenance at Me. Style and having my hair primped at Maurice Meade
4. Reading
5. Riding my motorbike
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