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Meet Rayne Embley

February 2018January 2018

We chat to blogger, businesswoman, restauranteur and mother of three about what makes her shine.

For this multi-tasking mum of 3, ‘me’ time can often come as a bit of a luxury. Curious to know how she fits it all in and still always manages to look amazing, we chat to Rayne about what makes her shine. This is what she had to say:

1. My family: Being around them is like a drug. When not I’m spending enough quality time with my family, my whole life feels out of control. My family make me shine.

2. Exercise and nutrition: Going for a run and feeding my body with the right food allows me to attack the day feeling great, positive and motivated. You have to look after number one first to make sure you are looking after everyone around you to the best of your ability.

3. Writing: I love to let go and get lost in my world of blogging ( I have so many ideas and love to write and get passionate about the things that I love. This is what I do for me.

4. Nothing says shine like a nice new hair do. I used to pay my sisters to brush my hair so for me, heading into Me by Maurice Meade in Claremont Quarter for a hair cut or just a blow wave is such a treat.

5. Facials: I treat myself to facials at ABC MediSpa in Mosman Park. It’s important to me that I look after my skin and it makes my have time out from the kids.

Shining bright for me means looking after yourself. It you shine bright, then everyone around you can’t help but be effected by your glow.

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