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Meet Maurice Meade model and face of our Christmas 2012 & Summer 2013 Campaign, Kelly Holmes.

Not just a beautiful face, Kelly is a fabulous package and has been a Maurice Meade Model for 8 years now! Kind, caring and all-round lovely, we sat down on the set of our latest shoot with Kelly to find out what goes on in her world (behind the cameras!) …

Describe the life of Kelly in an ordinary week?
My weekdays are filled with work, animals and love. I work for my dad’s building company five days a week where I deal with different councils and take care of all the bills. I really enjoy it but I do a bit of modeling on the side too, as well as spend time on my mum’s & dad’s farm. I’m a huge animal lover and have always had horses around me. They and my lovely little dog Nellie are essential to my wellbeing. I’ve had her for ten years now, she’s a little rescue dog with only three legs and she is without a doubt my little baby, I absolutely love her to pieces and I even bring her to work.

I also have a home gym so I try to get some work outs into my week. I usually watch Gossip Girl when I’m on the treadmill or rowing machine – makes it a little bit more fun!

How long have you been working with Maurice Meade?
It’s been quite a while now, around eight years. It started when Maurice Meade approached my agency in 2004 (Scene Models) and asked me to take part in a summer campaign. I think I fell in love with the brand there and then. For me working with Maurice Meade is a chance to spend time with an amazing team, and the shoots are always very relaxed with an energetic and happy atmosphere.

What does the Maurice Meade brand mean to you?
I absolutely love it, and I’m not just saying that. When I think of Maurice Meade’s salons I always associate them with an aura of professionalism. I’ve never had a bad experience. When I’m in there having my hair done I never feel as if I am just another customer, I feel as if I am a person being looked after in the most loving way. For me Maurice Meade means beauty, but also a brand that makes me feel special.

We’ve put together a few of our favourite images of Kelly over the years below:
Do you have any favorite campaign so far?
I do, I really loved working on the last one we just did for Christmas 2012. It was a really fun shoot by the pool full of laughter and a huge cast & crew. I think I also secretly enjoyed it because I got the chance to push one of the male models in the pool!

How important is your hair to you?
For me hair is very important, it makes a huge difference in how I feel. I can easily go out without make up, but only if I feel 100% happy with my hair. Knowing that it looks as good as it can makes me a lot more relaxed – I like not having to think about it and just get on with my day. I usually just put it up in a pony or straighten it with my ghd styling iron. It makes the hair look shiny and nice, and I don’t have to spend too much time on it. I leave it to the professionals to do the more fancy and technical stuff!

Do you have a style icon?
That’s a hard one. Not really, I think I kind of like taking inspiration from a lot of different people depending on my mood and what I’m doing. I do love Kate Beckinsale’s style though, she always looks so perfectly stylish and polished.

You’re getting married soon! Tell us more…
My fiance Peter and I are getting married in November on the farm next year and I just found the perfect dress – it is stunning. After having worked in a lot of bridal fashion shows, I realised that I really want my own dress to be something a bit simple, and not a massive fluffy thing that I dreamt of when I was younger.

What does a perfect evening consist of for you?
I have a very simple answer to that; me, Nellie, my cat boots and my fiance all cuddled up together on the sofa watching a horror movie. Or a crime series! Love them.

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