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What Makes You Feel Confident? Meet Hannah

February 2018January 2018September 2017

Gym addict, model and camping lover Hannah shares the secrets to her radiant self confidence.

I love working out with my best friend at the gym – I work out to get toned and increase my strength, not to get skinny. I have learned how to deadlift and being able to do weights makes me feel really confident within myself, rather than feeling stuck in the cardio section as I think a lot of women feel they should be. I like challenging the male dominated weights area in the gym and I think more women should do it!

I love taking time off to take a road trip into the country. If I’m getting stressed by the usual city routine there’s nothing that makes me happier than packing up shop and taking even a few days off to go down to Busselton, Margaret River or Dunsborough. I’m a massive fan of camping (I do not glamp)… just being in the fresh air, no time limits and with the stars really is one of my favourite things to do. It helps me to de-stress and reorganise myself before having to go back to the city!

As I’m half Northern Irish and half English, I have a lot of family overseas, which gives me extra excuses to travel (my absolute favourite thing ever). I’m a huge fan of Europe and the next goal on my travel list is to do the Arctic Countries. I’m fascinated by the natural Icelandic hot baths and the Ice Hotel in northern Finland. Travel is one of the only things that fills me with endless excitement.

Some of my favourite quotes that keep me feeling motivated and inspired:

“Dress like you’re going to see your worst enemy every day”. Even if you’re not feeling confident, what I have learned through modeling is if you fake your confidence, no one can tell the difference and eventually it comes naturally. I always tell people and myself that if they look like they need a confidence booster!

“Never get too busy making a living that you forget to make a life”. This is one of the quotes I live by. It is so easy to forget why we work so much, and I have always said “I will never value money over my own happiness”. Spending time with my girlfriends and my wonderful boyfriend is the best medicine after a long week.

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