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Meet Gervase: Maurice Meade Model & Cleo Bachelor Of The Year Finalist

February 2018January 2018

Find out what makes Gervase the best he can be.

Gervase has been one of our campaign models since 2008 when we shot our Renaissance Campaign.

Since then he has been the face of many campaigns across the state and is now nominated as a Top 50 finalist in the Cleo Bachelor of the Year Award.

Not just a pretty face , Gervase is also a teacher and a genuinely lovely, down-to earth guy. When we cast models for our campaigns, personality is a very big factor to us and Gervase ticks all the boxes. We took some time out recently to find out a little bit more about him and to find out what makes him the best he can be.

How did you get into modeling?
My older sister who worked in marketing said that Perth needed more guys and it was a great way to earn spare cash

Cleo Bachelor of the Year Award is now a very highly regarded award – how did you get nominated?
I was nominated by my fantastic agent at Chadwick, i genuinely thought i didn’t have a chance of getting in, so to say it was a surprise to be in the top 50 is understatement!
So you’re a teacher; what made you want to get into teaching?
I wanted to be a teacher because i really enjoy interacting with kids and love being outdoors and getting active!

What do you do to unwind in your spare time?
I love getting out for a surf, playing with my three year old border collie Pax, hanging out with my mates and playing music.

You’re a twin (yes ladies, he’s a looker too!), how do you get along?
My younger twin brother Aaron and I are extremely close and are best friends. We were, and still are very competitive. We have the same sense of humour, however Aaron is a lot more creative and better at video games than me!

What makes you happy?
My big croatian family, being outdoors, living close to the beach, good coffee and mum’s lasagna

What is your ultimate indulgence?
Ultimate indulgence would have to be Cadbury Marvellous creations!

Any pet peeves?
There aren’t many things that really frustrate me except running out of milk in the morning!

You have a spectacular head of hair, how important is your hair to you?
Haha, i haven’t had anyone call my hair spectacular before, but i guess it can reflect what type of person you are so that makes it important

What was your favourite campaign to work on?
The Maurice Meade 2012 Christmas Campaign. It was a great day with fun talent and a awesome crew, and hanging out with my pretend wife Kristy Wright for the day was delightful!

What makes you the best you can be?
I guess that would be the support of my family…and a good nights sleep!

Support Gervase and vote for him now by clicking this link (voting closes on the 11th June!).

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