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Meet Fashion Stylist & Jewellery Designer, Teagan Sewell

February 2018January 2018

Find out what makes fashion stylist and jewellery designer Teagan Sewell the best she can be.

We chat to Perth-based fashion stylist & owner of jewellery label Sewellery, Teagan Sewell, about what makes her the best she can be. Here’s what she had to say:

Working in the fast-pace fashion industry, I used to find I didn’t prioritize time to look after myself and often put work above eating well and exercising. After spending months feeling drained, with barely enough energy to stay focused on work, I knew something needed to change. I discovered to feel healthy both physically and mentally; I need to have a holistic approach to all aspects of my life.

Being healthy does not necessarily mean the absence of disease or illness. It is about living as completely and optimally as possible with the hand you have been dealt and the limits that you face, while at the same time pursuing options that will deal you a better hand.

5 of my favourite things that help me be the best I can be are:

1) Green Juice:

After reading (and feeling) about the effects of caffeine on energy levels, which also leads to feeling anxious and causing bad skin. I quit my daily intake of coffee – and opted drinking freshly squeezed green juice daily. I find I feel naturally energized and it makes my skin feel and look incredible!

My green juice recipe:
· 1 bunch of kale
· 2 green apples
· 2 stalks of celery
· 2 kiwi fruits
· I handful of fresh mint and parsley
· ¼ cucumber
· 20grams of ginger

2) Fresh Flowers

I have always loved the feeling to coming home to fresh flowers and not the standard Roses, Lillis or Orchids that most florist sell. Everbloom in West Leederville is typically frequented by florists, though this wholesaler is open to the public, which means you can get a little creative and make up your own bouquets of flowers. A favourite of mine are the Proteas or Kale flowers.
3) Epsom Salt Baths

There is nothing like having a Epsom Salt Bath at the end of a hard day at work or the gym. I find it helps levitate toxins from the body while also absorbing magnesium.

Run a hot bath and add the following;
· 1 box of 375 epsom salts
· 2 cups of bicarbonate soda
· ¼ cup of ground ginger
· The bath works best if you are able to soak for around 40 mins, choose a good book to read, light a few candles, and relax!

4) Working Out Not Just for Exercise

I used to find gyms intimidating and not very inspiring to keep up, until I found Next Generation, Kings Park. This may sound clichéd but they sell the gym as a lifestyle centre not a fitness centre, and I find myself agreeing. My weekly highlights include Hatha Yoga, Les Mills body pump class, swimming in the rooftop lap pool over looking the city and doing weight training in a non-pretentious workout area.

5) Good Hair

Yoga helps calm the mind, green juice cleanses the body, and a vibrant colour and good hair cut makes you feel fresh and youthful. I like to keep my hair looking its best by booking my appointments regularly at Maurice Meade in Claremont Quarter. In between my colour & cut I like having a treatment or two done, this makes it feel as good as it looks.

A combination of my favourite things makes me look and feel the best I can possibly be!


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