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Meet Blogger & Mum, Amy Zempilas

February 2018January 2018

Find out what makes Amy the best she can be.

We chat to the gorgeous Amy Zempilas, mum and editor of the blog Absolute Amy, about what makes her the best she can be. Here’s what she had to say:

As a stay at home mum looking after a busy hubby and an energetic two year old (with another baby due in August!), it can sometimes be easy to forget about looking after myself. There are a couple of ways which I remind myself to take care of me so I’m the best I can be for my family.

1.) Candles

I’ve always loved candles, there’s something so soothing about them and I have them dotted around my home. I burn one each morning to make my house smell fresh and lovely and again in the evening as a way to wind down and relax. It’s a little daily indulgence and I love discovering new candle fragrances for my home.

2.) Pilates

Since becoming a mum, I’ve realised just how important it is to fit exercise into my week. I do two 45 minute clinical Pilates sessions each week and that’s my time out, it does wonders for stress and makes me feel rejuvenated and ready for my busy day ahead. It’s the best investment in my health and wellbeing and I can’t recommend it highly enough! (You can read more about it here.)

3.) Healthy Food

I’ve become much more interested in nutrition in the last few years and have realised how important it is to eat fresh, healthy food that nourishes my body. Every Sunday morning I spend some time meal planning for the week and stocking up on loads of fresh fruit and veggies and healthy snacks. The weeks where I invest a bit of time into what we eat, we all feel so much better for it!

4.) Great hair

During my last pregnancy, my hair fell out, broke and was dry and unmanageable. It was just awful experiencing all of the usual pregnancy symptoms and having horrible hair on top of that. This pregnancy, my hair is super soft, shiny, strong and SOOOO easy to style. When I blow dry it myself it lasts for up to three days which is a miracle in itself! It’s all thanks to having my hair regularly coloured and cut at Maurice Meade at Claremont Quarter, and using great quality products including Kerastase hair care and a super serum called Initialiste, which promotes new shiny, strong and soft hair growth. Now I don’t have to worry about my hair, I feel confident knowing that it’s getting the best possible care and I’m free to get on with my life.
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