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Introducing Bespoke Colour: the ultimate personalised colour service

February 2018January 2018

Hair colour is an art form, and it should be as unique as you. We’re taking inspiration from contouring and highlighting in the world of makeup artistry and carrying it through to hair colour with our new Bespoke Colour service.

What is Bespoke Colour?

We wanted to create a service that was flexible and completely unique to each individual client’s needs, in one simple package – which is why we have introduced the Bespoke Colour Package!

With all the new colouring techniques available it can sometimes become overwhelming to decide on which direction to take with your hair. The Bespoke Colour service makes finding your perfect colour easy; we’ll use our in-depth consultation process and a combination of the latest techniques to bring your hair to life with colour.

The package also includes a tailored cut and blow-dry finish.


What will a Bespoke Colour do for me?

Bespoke Colour is all about using personalised colour placement and a variation of tones to shape the face and brighten the skin, similar to how contouring, highlighting and strobing with makeup can do for your face. It doesn’t matter whether you’re blonde, brunette or redhead – Bespoke Colour works with any hair tone or colour.


What method does my colourist use to create my Bespoke Colour?

Imagine you are lying on your back, and your hair is brushed outwards around your head. At Maurice Meade your colourist has been trained to see your hair in this way when developing your unique colour placement.

Before getting started, your colourist will determine the best tones to suit your complexion by using a series of colour capes that are draped over your shoulders – this will help to show whether you suit warm, cool, light or dark colours, and whether you suit tones that contrast or blend with your skin tone. They will then look at your face shape and work with you to pinpoint a colour that enhances your individual features.


How does the colour placement work?

Darker and lighter tones are layered in sections around the face, for example, darker tones are placed underneath to slim the neck, and out from the temples and hollows of the cheeks to create shadows that contour the face. Lighter tones are then placed in an outward direction from the cheekbones and upper eyebrow to illuminate the places where the sun naturally falls on the face.


To receive $50 off our new $295 Bespoke Colour Package until 31/10/17, click here.


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