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Hair Trends To Try This Winter

February 2018January 2018

As our clothes change with the season, so must our hair. It’s not as simple as looking through a shop front to know what’s on trend this winter, so to make it easier we have selected our most coveted cuts, colours and styles to perk up your winter look.


When you’re thinking colour trends this season, imagine all the brightness of summer with rich caramel toffee thrown over the top. Everything is deeper, richer, and more delicious.

 rose gold

Rose Gold

This colour started coming to the forefront last Winter, but it seems to have really exploded this season. Rose Gold could almost be described as a watered down version of traditional red locks, so if you can’t brave the red, you might want to give it a go. Because of its hybrid nature, reflecting gold and copper tones, it is likely to flatter any skin tone. You can take it whichever way you want, letting the redder tones come though or washing it out for that beautiful strawberry rose effect.


golden brown

Golden Brown

This colour is all about warmth and depth. It looks amazing when coupled with darker roots, and is super easy to wear trans-seasonally – it looks beautiful against sun kissed skin too!



 If you haven’t caught on yet, everything is getting shorter, we’ll always love a head of long healthy tresses, but the runways are telling us cropped hair and edgy bobs are what’s hot this season, and we agree.

long bob

The Long Bob or “Lob”

The long bob has been on trend for years now, and it looks like it’s here to stay for a while longer. This season it has been remodelled, we’re seeing sharp blunt definition on the ends, and more layers to give it texture through the lengths.

edgy crop

The Edgy Crop

This is taking the crop to another level, and it’s screams attitude. We’re talking shaved sides, tussled and textured creating a badass pixie cut. Although it is incredibly edgy, it is still very feminine, defining your jawline, lengthening your neck and contouring your cheekbones.



Fashion week for winter 2015-16 showed the coming trends are all about effortless glam. There are styles to suit any woman, from grunge to sleek. We selected our two favourite and most wearable trends.


The bun

We all know it, we’ve all worn it, the humble bun is making a come back. You can wear it low, high, to the side, messy or sleek. What we want to see is your hair off your face for a clean, beautiful look.



The side part

Off-center parting has hit the ground running, and what’s fantastic about it is it’s so easy to do and change if you feel like a different look. You can keep it straight, texture it, plait it, bun it, low pony tail it… it’s all fabulous. We’re also seeing a lot of wet look textures at the roots for a touch of attitude.


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