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Expert Chat: All About Blondes with Kellie

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Blonde hair is trending like never before. With more ladies wanting to lighten their locks, we get a lot of questions about everything from finding the right tone to maintaining blonde hair at home. We sat down with Me by Maurice Meade Head Colourist, colour trainer and blonde specialist, Kellie Squibb, to answer our most frequently asked questions about getting and maintaining your perfect blonde.

Q: I currently have dark hair and am thinking about going blonde, is it possible? How long will it take?
A: Most hair has the potential to go lighter. It’s important to keep in mind that everybody’s hair is completely different and therefore lightens differently. When a client wants to go lighter there are a few things I always ask:

  • Do you colour your hair in the salon, or at home?
  • If your hair is dark, how many times have you coloured it in the past 2 years?
  • Have you been lighter before?
  • What home care are you using?

The process of going lighter isn’t always what the client imagines – there is only so far we can lighten hair while also maintaining its’ integrity, so it can be a gradual process. The main goals for us as colourists, is that our client leaves the salon with not only a beautiful colour, but more importantly that their hair is still in good condition. Your colourist should always show examples of how the colour may turn out the first time, as it may not be what you expect. With products like Olaplex, we can now take blondes that little bit lighter while maintaining the hair’s condition. If your hair is considerably damaged, we won’t recommend you lighten it.

Q: How do I know if I should go cool or warm blonde?
A: We determine if a client should be a cool or a warm blonde by looking at their skin tone. The coloured capes used in our Personalised Colour Chemistry consultations can help with this – if you’ show you which blonde suits you best. Your hair colour is what surrounds your face, so we want to make sure we create a look that is going to best highlight your features and bring out your eye colour.

Q: What is trending right now?

A: Trending worldwide right now is definitely that tousled, undone look with multidimensional tones. Blonde is moving away from the standard ‘block colour’ one tone blonde, and toward a more textured look. We’re adding a variation of blonde tones, or keeping the foils nice and fine, allowing the regrowth to be a little softer by using natural depth. Balayage or ombre is still kicking about. The best thing about these colouring techniques is that they are individual to each client. Rather than having a heavier, lower down balayage, the lightness is moving up closer to the root area and around the face creating blended regrowth. This technique maintains lots of lightness, with the slight contrast of the natural root, giving the hair depth and texture.

Q: How can I avoid damaging my hair when going blonde?
A: Take your time, listen to your colourist and make a plan. When lightening your hair it’s better to not push your hair to its limits and try and achieve something unrealistic and damaging. Olaplex is a great option that can be used when going lighter to help maintain the condition of your hair. You can also have an in-salon treatment (I recommend a Kerastase Ritual), which can be done on the day of your colour service, and also in-between visits to leave your hair feeling strong, soft, and shiny. Also, speak to your colourist about the correct products to use at home. It is essential to maintain your hair in-between visits, in order for you to continue going lighter if need be.

Q: What is Olaplex and how does it work?
A: Olaplex is an American product that is one of a kind. It is a groundbreaking conditioning treatment that both restores the condition of your hair and allows us to lighten your hair further with less damage. Olaplex is a 3 step system; Number 1 being added to your colour, Number 2 used at the basin in salon when rinsing your colour and Number 3 is your take home treatment to use once a week. When you colour or use thermal styling tools, the bonds in your hair change, therefore changing its texture and condition. What Olaplex does is reform bonds within the hair cortex, leaving your hair feeling stronger. Your hair will be easier to style, as it will sit smoother and be more manageable.

Q: What are your top 3 tips for maintaining blonde hair?

  1. Homecare: Using the correct prescribed home care including, shampoo, conditioner, thermal protection and styling products, will ensure that your blonde hair feels soft and strong, and looks healthy and shiny.
  2. In salon Kérastase rituals: These are deeply strengthening and nourishing, leaving the hair feeling strong, soft and shiny. Kérastase Rituals allows the hair to be styled with ease, it also looks and feels amazing. The extended massage transforms the treatment from a practical necessity, to a relaxing luxury.
  3. Maintaining regrowth: You should come in for a retouch between 6 and 8 weeks for foils, and 4 to 4.5 weeks for a bleach scalp retouch.

Q: What products do you recommend for caring for blonde hair at home?

A: Adding strength back to blonde hair is essential, the Kerastase Resistance and Shu Uemura Ultimate Remedy Collections are in-salon favourites. We love them so much because they work wonders on severely damaged hair, rebuilding it back to optimal condition. To avoid yellow tones, use a purple shampoo such as the Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel Wash or Shu Uemura Colour Lustre in the colour Cool Blonde.

Q: What is a toner and how does it work?
A: A toner is technically a semi permanent colour that helps to remove or soften unwanted tones, it also adds extra tones enhancing colour. A toner adds gloss and shine and is very gentle on the hair; it can also be used as a clear gloss to add tone without depositing any colour. Toners are individualised to each clients colour. Some clients have their hair toned every visit, and some never need them – your colourist will tell you what is best.

Q: I want a pastel colour running through my blonde hair, how would I achieve this look?
A: To achieve a pastel colour, the blonde has to be very light to work with the pastel tones. For example, if you were mixing paint, and you were trying to change hot pink to pastel pink, you’d add more white. It’s a similar concept, but we highly recommend you don’t do this at home. It’s best you come into the salon and speak to a colourist.

Q: How do I avoid yellow tones?
A: Using a purple shampoo is the best way to get rid of yellow tones. Otherwise if you find your hair is always yellow after your colour is done, make sure you mention this to your colourist, as they may be able to adjust your colour or toner – sometimes a small adjustment makes a big difference.

Q: I feel like a change but want to stay blonde. How can I make my blonde feel different without going darker or lighter?
A: Have a chat with your colourist! One option is adding in another tone of blonde with your foils, which can soften the blonde and break up the lightness. Alternatively you can add a slightly deeper tone to add depth to the blonde and create variation in your colour to make it feel a little softer overall. Balayage is still a very popular option and it can be personalised to every client. It doesn’t have to mean dark roots half way down your head with light ends – technically balayage means the freehand blending of a darker colour to a lighter colour. You could also consider extending your natural root colour out slightly and creating a slight root stretch; it’s a great way to change a colour up without feeling too dark or too light. It gives the hair a lot of texture and aids styling well!


If you’re considering going blonde, book a consultation with our colour experts to find your perfect shade and make the change. 

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