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Dealing With Hair Loss

February 2018January 2018

Why it happens and what you can do to re-grow thinning hair.

Why it happens…

Hair loss and thinning can be the result of many different issues within the body.  A lot of the time it is down to genetics and the aging process, but it can also be caused by stress, hormonal imbalances, pregnancy, scalp issues and other illnesses.

“Testosterone levels in particular effect hair loss, as a build up of testosterone in the body produces collagen around the hair follicles that cause hair to thin and fall out,”  Will Allen,  Maurice Meade Scalp Specialist, explains.

Believe it or not, hair loss is almost as common in women as it is in men.

How you can prevent it…

Unfortunately, it’s not always preventable, especially if your hair loss is genetic or hormonal.  It’s more about preventing what you can. Start by keeping your scalp in good condition (read more about that here),  keeping your body healthy and reducing your stress levels – not only will this help your hair, but it will keep you feeling great too!

If you know that hair loss runs in your family and you’re starting to see some signs of thinning, Kerastase Aminexil may be for you. It works by breaking down the build up of collagen in the hair follicle that causes hair loss, to prevent further thinning.

What you can do to re-grow your hair…

The good news is that there are a number of great products on the market that can help to stimulate hair growth and revive thinning hair.  Here are our top three:

  1. Kerastase Densifique Density Activator is a daily, at home three month program that boosts activity in the hair follicle to produce up to 1700 new hairs.  This is a great option for men or women who are experiencing hair thinning, or just want to build more body and volume in their hair.
  2. Kerastase Initialiste is an advanced scalp treatment, which can be used twice a week to fill in gaps in the hair cuticle and strengthen the hair you have.
  3. Kerastase Specifique Stimuliste Shampoo targets thinning hair.  Simply massage into the scalp for 2 minutes as you would a regular shampoo, leave in for 2-3 minutes then rinse.


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