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Beautiful Hair Starts With A Healthy Scalp

February 2018January 2018

Why caring for your scalp is more important than you think.

Maurice Meade Subiaco’s Scalp Specialist, Will Allen, talks us through the Kerastase scalp diagnosis process and shares why caring for your scalp is just as important as caring for your hair.

When it comes to caring for your hair, the scalp is often overlooked. Let’s face it; we’re more concerned with having shiny, strong, healthy hair than caring for our scalp. However, the two go hand in hand, and taking the time to address your scalp concerns can make a world of difference to the overall health of your hair.

“We start the consultation by talking to the client in depth about their hair and scalp concerns, such as hair loss, thinning or irritation,” Will says. “We then use the Kerastase camera to get a close up look at the scalp and hair. About one out of every three clients I see for a first consultation has some kind of scalp issue or problem with hair loss that simply gets ignored”.

There are many factors that can affect the health of your scalp, including fluctuating hormone levels, collagen build up, stress and pollution. It’s an area of our body that usually goes unnoticed and gets mistreated – an important thing to remember is that the skin on your face and the skin on your scalp are essentially the same thing, they are just a few inches apart. Many of us scrutinize what we slather on our face everyday, but don’t give a second thought as to what we use to care for our hair.

This is where the Kerastase home hair care regimes come in to play. With over 50 years of science behind their products, Kerastase have developed personalized take home hair care programs that target a range of hair and scalp concerns, from irritation to dry and damaged ends. By undergoing a specialist Kerastase diagnosis in salon, your hairdresser can prescribe the best products to beautify your scalp and compliment your cut and colour.

“After 12 years in the hairdressing industry, I can definitely say that good haircare is worth investing in,” Will says. “A healthy scalp makes for healthy hair.”

Kerastase consultations are free of charge and take approximately 15 minutes from start to finish. Simply call your closest Maurice Meade salon to book your consultation and begin your journey to a healthier, happier hair.

To book a consultation with Will, please call our Subiaco salon on (08) 9381 8982.

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