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Bad Hair Day? We Get to the Root of the Problem

February 2018January 2018

We’ve all have bad hair days, but what you probably don’t know is that your scalp is probably the cause.

We spend so much time looking after our hair, our scalp is almost always overlooked.

“Looking after your scalp is just as important as looking after your hair,” says Maurice Meade Scalp Expert, Will Allen. “Just like you need to look after a plant from the roots for it to be healthy and beautiful, the same concept applies to your hair”.

We look at the most common causes of scalp irritation – and why you’re probably having a bad hair day:

1. You’re using the wrong haircare products.
Just like you need to use skincare that suits your skin type, you need to use a product that is right for your hair. You wouldn’t use an oil based product if you had oily skin, and the same applies to your hair. We love the Kerastase collection, which many people don’t realise are prescriptive products – each product is designed to treat individual hair needs. Invest 10 minutes of time with your Maurice Meade stylist to go through a complimentary scalp diagnosis. Your stylist will assess your scalp using a diagnostic camera and prescribe the right haircare for you. Your tresses will thank you later. (Learn more about complimentary scalp diagnosis here).

2. You’re not massaging your scalp when you shampoo.
Most clients will report that the head massage when their hair is washed at a salon is the highlight of their salon experience. Not only is your head massaged for relaxation and indulgence purposes, massaging the scalp also boosts your circulation and removes excess oils and dead skin. So be sure to give yourself a head massage when you wash your hair using the tips of your fingers. (Learn more on how to wash your hair properly here).

3. You’re using the wrong brush
Not many people think about the brush they’re using – which is something we use every day! Bristles that are too hard can damage your scalp and bristles that are too soft can cause static in the hair. It’s important to use the right tools on your hair as your natural oils are distributed through your hair when you brush. We recommend using a natural-bristle brush like the Shu Uemura Boar Bristle Paddle Brush. Not only does it feel divine and won’t cause damage to your scalp, it also detangles, enhances shine and smoothes from your roots to your ends.

4. You’re clogging your pores.
Do you use dry shampoo? Heat protectant spray? Root lifting products? Serum? Hairspray? If you said yes to any of these, chances are the product has built up at your roots and clogging your pores – something a normal shampoo doesn’t usually get rid of. Treat yourself to a thorough shampoo once a month at your Maurice Meade salon and invest in a cleansing oil shampoo from the Shu Uemura Collection. Your locks will love you!

5. You’re using your hair dryer or styling iron too often.
We know that subjecting your hair to heat is damaging, the same applies to your scalp – blasting your head with a hair dryer for half an hour definitely isn’t a good thing! With summer on the way, try let your hair dry naturally when you can and for when you can’t, make sure you hold your hair dryer around 30 centimetres away from your scalp and keep it moving.

If you relate to any of the causes above, we recommend you visit your nearest Maurice Meade salon for a complimentary scalp diagnosis! Click here for your nearest salon.

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