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5 Unexpected Ways You Might be Damaging Your Hair

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So we’re sure you know most of the obvious factors that are damaging your hair (don’t try and tell us that heat styling without a heat protectant is okay!), but what about those other things that cause damage without you even realising it? Have a read, and then if you can, stop doing mean things to your hair. Please and thank you.

Crash dieting
So crash dieting occurs when you realise your high school reunion is in 2 weeks, and you’ve eaten one too many bags of Doritos on those cold nights in. So what do you do? Start a horrendously unhealthy diet, probably involving too many lemons and grapefruit, all so you can fit into that dress so your old buddy Kelly can tell you how great you look, while you talk about how fast time has gone and how old you both are. Sound good? We don’t think so. Crash dieting is terrible for your hair – lack of food means you will miss out on vital vitamins and minerals such as iron, b12, and protein that can lead to hair loss. Your health is the most important thing.

Sleeping with your hair tied up (and choosing the right hair elastics)
Having your hair tied tight for too long can actually cause hair loss, and bad quality hair elastics are a big no no. We don’t want to see any rubber, EVER and we want metal free. Rubber causes friction and breakage, and trying to untangle your snagged hair from the metal in a hair band is a recipe for disaster. Try to use thick fabric hair bands and if you are going to tie your hair back before you catch some Z’s, then we suggest you put it in braids, or in a gentle low pony.

Haven’t you heard? Smoking is bad for you! Shock! Horror! Gasp! Well it is, and it’s bad for your hair too. Not only will it leave your hair smelling bad, it also constricts blood vessels, meaning oxygen doesn’t flow properly around your body and to your scalp. Your hair can’t receive the nutrients it needs and ends up dry and dull. It is also more likely you could lose hair and it will thin earlier, due to poor circulation and interference with hormone production. Just one more horrendous thing to add to the list, the British Medical Journal published a study proving a link between smoking and premature greying. So unless you want to be stinky, bald and grey, put the cigarettes down.

Sugar is yum! We love a chocolate-coated churros as much as the next person, but you have to have it in small doses. Excessive processed sugar consumption causes your blood sugar to spike, which means your body releases a hormone called insulin to cope with the sugar. The insulin causes an increase in the hormone androgen, which can cause the hair follicle to shrink! Layman’s terms, sugar can cause your hair to thin.

Brushes and combs
Brushing your hair is great for keeping it looking neat and for distributing your hair’s natural oils to keep it soft and healthy. It’s definitely worth investing in a good quality brush; poor quality brushes are so bad for your hair, especially if it’s long. Brushing can cause the cuticle to wear out, and if you’re using a bad brush, this can get worse. Always be gentle, start from the bottom and work your way up. If you’re using a comb opt for a wide tooth, plastic or wood and if you’re using a brush, use plastic or a natural bristle, it’s gentler on the hair. And remember, don’t take your frustrations out on your hair! Gently does it, otherwise you will be paying for it later (literally).
How many of these sins are you guilty of? It’s never to late to make better habits – for more tips, chat with your stylist!


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