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2015 Hair Trends Wrap Up

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2015 – how has it flown by so fast? Before we get ready to step into a new year, let’s take a moment to look back on the biggest hair trends we saw this year. From cute crop cuts to rainbow colours, here are our top 5 hair trends for 2015.

1. Chop Chop

There were almost too many celeb chops to count this year! From Emma Watson, Kate Mara & Lara Worthington going for cute short pixie cuts, to longer textured lobs on the likes of Alessandra Ambrosio, Jennifer Lopez and Emilia Clarke (just to name a few). Shorter cuts this year were all about texture, which was a welcome change from longer hair that can often look flat and weighed down.

Chop Chop

2. Faux Finishes

“One night only” styles were everywhere this year – think Gigi Hadid’s faux bob and Kendall Jenner’s faux fringe at the AMAs, or Kylie Jenner’s collection of coloured wigs and extensions. These styles are a great option if you want to try something new without the commitment, or just want to have fun with a whole new look for a day.

Faux Features

3. Strobing

It was a makeup trend that came to the forefront in 2015, and before long carried through to hair colour. ‘Strobing’ is essentially a term referring to highlights; so adding lighter tones to illuminate and add a natural shimmer to your hair where the sunlight usually hits. It’s totally customisable and super flattering, as it brightens the complexion. We love this trend, and are happy to say that it will be hanging around in 2016!


4. Colours of the Rainbow

We saw it all in 2015; silver, lilac, green, blue, pink, ‘My Little Pony”-esque rainbow shades and even ‘petrol’ inspired hair. The pastels of previous years went a little brighter and more risque, and again we saw short stints of dramatic colour changes – think Gigi’s blue tips or Kylie Jenner’s bright green. Even the boys jumped on this trend: we saw Jared Leto in bright pink and Joe Jonas in blue.

Colours of the Rainbow

5. Long Hair & Beards

By far the biggest trend in men’s hair this year was longer lengths and scruffy beards. Justin Bieber and Harry Styles have been sporting longer locks, while Leonardo Dicaprio wore a bun and beard on the red carpet.


Here’s to another great year of hair! What was your favourite trend of 2015?


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