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10 Year Old’s Bid To Fight Cancer

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Ruaraidh has been growing his hair for 3 years and is now cutting it to raise money for cancer research and to make wigs for chemotherapy patients.

Next Thursday, we’ll be cutting the waist-length hair of Ruaraidh, a ten year old boy who has been raising money for Cancer Research and donating his locks for wigs to chemotherapy patients.

For young Ruaraidh, Cancer is sadly all too familiar. His friend; Gage, was diagnosed with a brain tumour at the age of two and since then, has lost both his uncle Bill and his granddad Bob to this terrible disease.

Gage is currently undergoing chemotherapy in Texas at the moment, which is part of Ruraidh’s motivation for growing his hair long for so many years for charity.

“I have been growing my hair for 3 years and Im doing it to help others. I am going to cut it to raise money for the hospitals, to help find a cure for cancer and make wigs for other kids are sick. I think this may help Gage Geddes, as he knows that other people are trying to help. That makes me happy,” he said.

Ruraidh’s hair is waist length and as a boy, we were interested in finding out how he felt having such long hair. This is what he had to say:

“It used to be fun, but it gets annoying because I don’t like brushing it and gets full of knots. People keep calling me a girl. When I went to the toilet at Dubai airport, they would not let me in because they thought I was a girl. I am excited to get it cut, because I will not have to brush it anymore. I am also happy that I will be helping other people”.

Once it’s cut off, his hair will be donated to make hair pieces for people going through chemotherapy. This is not the first time he has done this, Ruaraidh first donated his hair in 2007 at just 4 years of age, raising $2,200 for a local children’s hospital.

On the 6th June he will again be having his long locks cut at our Subiaco salon.


No matter how small, every bit helps. Head to and make a donation or make a donation in person at our Subiaco salon.

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