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For over 50 years, women and hairdressers from around the world have loved Kérastase Paris. With the brand’s continual innovative creations offering ideal solutions for every need, Kérastase Paris has become an expert brand in luxury haircare.

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Maurice Meade staff are trained to the highest level by Kerastase Paris to professionally prescribe a Kerastase home hair care regime to perfectly suit your needs. Healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp, and each Kerastase collection is specially formulated to target different hair and scalp concerns.

Upon arriving in salon for a hair care consult, one of our Kerastase consultants will begin a hair and scalp analysis using the Kerastase Diagnostic Camera. This diagnostic camera allows us to magnify your hair up to 600 times to identify issues such as dandruff, oiliness, dryness and damage. From here, your stylist will offer a diagnosis and set up an at home hair care regime to rebalance your scalp and beautify your hair.

Using the Kerastase Diagnostic Camera, we can also monitor the progress of your hair and scalp health over time, so not only will you see and feel the difference on your head, but you’ll be able to see the up-close evidence too!

Our Kerastase collection and product range can be viewed online, or in any of our salons.

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